Complete Checklist For Best Office Cleaning Companies

There are so many commercial cleaning companies available today. Choosing the best one can be difficult. The biggest nuisance; finding halfway through that your cleaning company will not cover some of the things that you had expected them to. At this point you are stuck. You cannot go back and change your cleaning service provider. You will, however, look for a different office cleaning professional, the next time you need one and hope this one will be better than the previous one.

This blog will assist you in finding and shortlisting the best office cleaning services near your area. A common practice for choosing a good service from numerous options is to ask them if they have any checklists. These checklists will show you the utility that you are expecting to gain from a service. If the checklist satisfies you, that service provider will most likely be the best one for you. There are some basic points that you must look for in a checklist, some are identified and mentioned below.


Dusting is considered the first step in cleaning a workplace or any office. You might consider this as such a basic part of cleaning that mentioning it won’t be necessary. However, you must make sure that the service provider will do this task.

Furniture Setup

This may sound like its not part of the cleaning service, but it actually is. Cleaners must be able to set the furniture according to their expected setting. The cushions and pillows are to be placed at the right places to make sure the place looks presentable and tidy.

Sweeping The Floor

Cleaners often miss out on sweeping the floors and directly move on to mopping which is not hygienic nor its the right approach to clean a place thoroughly. If you find this on the checklist it means that your cleaning company is aware of the details of cleaning.

Mopping The Floor

Mopping is the most important part of cleaning an office or any commercial building. This will include the use of disinfecting liquids as well. It’s always a good idea to confirm which products your cleaning company will use in order to understand the type of the service you’re getting. Eco friendly and green products are always best.

Vacuuming Carpets

If your office floors have carpets, they must be cleaned with vacuum cleaners. The checklist might not have this detail. This is why you should get a confirmation from the cleaners before you hire them for the service.

Clean Glass Objects

Cleaning glass-based objects are essential as they are stained quite easily and if they are not cleaned the right way they just look really unpleasing. Cleaners must be able to clean your office windows, washroom mirrors, glass tables and any other glass objects which are present.

Taking Out The Trash

Cleaners must take out the trash after cleaning so that there is no extra work left for you to do after they leave. It’s important for your cleaning company to fully empty all garbage bags and replace them with fresh new bags.

Sanitization Of Door Handles

It may sound like a small task and pretty understandable that this doesn’t show on the checklist. Regardless of how small the task is, it is an important part of your office cleaning company and should be part of the service overall. It will be a good idea for you to confirm this with your cleaning provider.

Sinks Scrubbed

Chances are this will be mentioned on the checklist that you will receive. Still, it’s always a good idea to make sure you enquire about this yourself. It might be that it is considered in the overall service and not in particular.

Toilets Disinfected

Cleaners often mention toilet cleaning but leave out the disinfecting part. Since toilets are more prone to germ manifestation it is very important that your office toilets are disinfected properly.

Replacement Of Toilet Paper & Towels

Just like trash bag replacement, this task is also a part of the service that you are getting. Make sure you ask your cleaning company if they will do this or not, so you can decide accordingly.

Cleaning Office Kitchen

The office kitchen or the breakroom is part of your office and therefore must be included in the cleaning service that you opted for. Our recommendation is to get the acknowledgment from your cleaners that they will clean this part of your office as well.


Many offices will contain a number of appliances, cleaning them must be on the checklist. If they are not mentioned, you must make sure your service providers will clean them as well.

Wiping Tables

There are many tables in an office, some are used as workstations and some are used in meetings and even in lunch areas. All the tables must be wiped clean to remove any stains and dirt.

Sanitization Of Phones And Headsets

Just like the door handles, phones and headsets need to be sanitized as well. These are the small details that will help you in identifying a good cleaning company. Most cleaners might not give such detailed checklists but it is better that you find out these things before paying money for unsatisfactory service.

Cleaning Fans

Not all offices have fans installed as air conditioners are pretty common these days. Still, if there are fans in your office, it is important that you get them cleaned to keep the whole office looking sharp and presentable.

The above list gives you a comprehensive approach to choose the best office cleaning company in your area. Barmel Building Maintenance is by far the most trusted commercial cleaning service provider in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Barmel Building Maintenance provides all the above services and more. Navigate through our website now and get a free quote made for your custom needs.