Care And Maintenance Tips For Your Building

As a landlord, one of your prime responsibilities is to take good care of repair and maintenance of your building. Your tenant association can also take steps to improve the quality of life in your building. Many maintenance-related tasks can have a direct impact on the overall health and value of your property. So, it’s not wise to overlook them.

Maintenance and repair is a complex and never-ending process that demands skill, professionalism and equipment. From emergency repairs to routine maintenance, a well-planned preventive strategy not only improves the value of your building but also ensures residents peace of mind. However, this requires a well-designed process and active participation from all stakeholders: contractors, residents, employees, etc. It is a good idea to make a maintenance committee who can manage, supervise, and monitor important tasks.

Where to start

Before you try to wrap your head around building maintenance and repair, take a brief look at your building and ask yourself the following questions to understand what needs to be done and where to start:

  • What is the structure of your property and how does it look inside and out?
  • Is your building comfortable to live in?
  • Are there any apparent or hidden repairs that need to be done immediately?
  • Do you already have a preventive maintenance plan for your building? If yes, how effective is your existing maintenance plan?
  • How do you deal with weatherization to avoid heavy repairs?
  • Does your maintenance plan clearly define goals, priorities, and procedures?

These questions will help you understand where to start and how to start. Life can get easier if your tenants are willing to take the initiative and perform routine maintenance tasks such as basic carpentry, cleaning, minor electrical repairs, paint touch-ups, etc. However, it’s recommended to have a professional building maintenance company take care of more extensive tasks such as floor waxing, building repairs, and carpet cleaning. Some tasks can’t be adequately accomplished without specialized tools and experience.

Whoever lives in your building should realize some responsibilities for maintaining and repairing their apartments. In most situations, maintenance that needs to be done inside an apartment is the responsibility of the residents. Maintenance activities that involve the entire building should be conducted either by the owner or the tenant association. In both cases, professionals are required to get the job done in a safe and time-efficient manner. No matter your situation or what kind of contracts you have with your tenants, you must care for your building, preferably with the help of maintenance experts.

Benefits of maintaining your building

Proper building maintenance provides numerous long-term as well as short-term benefits. Here is what you can obtain by implementing a well-thought-out property maintenance plan:

  • Clean, clutter-free and attractive building
  • Effective protection against corrosive environment
  • Improved safety
  • Prevent expensive, large-scale repairs
  • Protected property value
  • Happy residents

To fully materialize these benefits, you need to consult an experienced property maintenance team. Don’t hesitate to talk to a reputable and professional building maintenance contractor to improve the condition of your property. Whether you own a commercial building, industrial facility, a shopping mall or a small shop, make sure you maintain your property and keep it in good working condition.

About Barmel Building Maintenance

Barmel is where we provide a complete range of building maintenance services to commercial, residential and industrial clients in Edmonton. As a one-stop service, our services include floor waxing, carpet cleaning, office cleaning, and move-in/move-out cleaning. Contact us for more details!

Regular Building Maintenance Can Save Money

When people reside in a building whether small, large or even a skyscraper, it is bound to get some wear and tear. The cleanliness and regular upkeep of buildings have become necessary as they can save time, resources and money if managed properly. Developed cities around the world need professional building maintenance services. Cities like Edmonton in Canada need the services of professional maintenance staff like Barmel Building Maintenance. Having professional maintenance service providers who are efficient, equipped and economical is sure to keep your building up to par. Everyone wants to have a clean and fresh environment in their building, and no one wants to leave something unchecked which can lead to a bigger cost or nuisance. This is where professional maintenance service in Edmonton comes in handy. Professional building maintenance companies know how to keep your building in good condition, they also know how to make a proper and continuous maintenance schedule for the whole year. This way they can assure that you save a lot of money by avoiding larger repairs while undergoing maintenance. Barmel Building Maintenance takes pride in looking after your building. Here are some of the areas we cover:

Foundation and Structure

This is the base of any building, so we must monitor the appearance of cracks in walls and ceilings. In addition, care must be taken, especially in older buildings, not to overload the slabs (safes, bookstores, etc).

Preserve the Facade

The facades protect the building and are, together with the roof, most exposed to the weather. We must therefore monitor its state of conservation: materials, finishes, paint needs etc.

Caring for the Roof

The rooftop of any building, as we have already stated, is the part of the building most exposed to weather and it is often difficult to access. We recommend regular checkups and maintenance to the rooftops of all buildings.

Check for the Humidity

Improper humidity levels can cause corrosion which is very dangerous. Checking humidity, condensation and air quality levels is very important. The sooner incorrect levee are identified and fixed the better it will be for the building and its residents.

Caring for the Woodwork

If your building is old, chances are it will probably have some sort of woodwork. We believe special care must be taken with leaks in bathrooms, kitchens and all pipes, since excessive moisture can lead to wood rotting over time.

Metal Elements

Moisture produces oxidation and corrosion, so we will have to pay serious attention to metal elements exposed to the weather or leaks. We believe that timely work done is actually the best practice in building maintenance services.

Drains and Sinks

Having a systematic or periodic maintenance process will prevent jams, dampness and bad odors.

Insulation and Ventilation

Good insulation prevents heating and cooling losses, saving you a good amount of money. In turn, proper ventilation prevents the appearance of moisture based condensation.

Maintenance Log Entries

Building maintenance log entries collect much information about the building, especially the rules of use, conservation and maintenance. Complying with indicated maintenance is a guarantee of good conservation.

Regular Inspections

It’s also important to have regular checkups on elevators and fire extinguishers. Hiring an annual inspection service can save you a lot of money!

Avoid Illegal or Low Quality Works

There are some legal aspects involved when large maintenance work is done in common areas and/or inside homes. We remain very careful not to touch structural elements such as load-bearing walls to open openings, for example.

Always Choose Professionals

Our comprehensive maintenance service in Edmonton provides all-round maintenance services ensuring the best expected maintenance with the best economic costs. Contact us today to learn more about our building maintenance services and costs.