10 Things To Expect From A Commercial Cleaning Service Company

Cleaning services have a wide range of functions in commercial markets. In fact, required cleaning services vary from building to building and area to area. Skyscrapers may have a different cleaning requirement then a normal single floor building. A gym has a different cleaning requirement then a library. Similarly, service providers also have different strengths and weaknesses in their cleaning services.

It falls upon the building managers to decide which commercial cleaning service will be best for their buildings. Industry experts maintain that the best commercial cleaning services are ones that follow the best practices in their operations. These best practices are actually standard operational procedures (SOPs) that are identified over time and based on experience. This blog will help you identify those best practices as you hire a commercial cleaning service.

Registered Commercial Cleaners

If your cleaning service is not registered then chances are the company is not professional and may not have any strategic planning. This means that this company may conclude its business any day. It may also mean that the quality of their services will never be standardized. There will be high chances that this type of unregistered company may have no SOPs at all and may work on an ad-hoc basis only.

Professional Cleaning Team

Registered companies are the ones that actually give a comprehensive consumer experience. They must have a team of professionals that are experienced and know their jobs inside out. When a professional cleaning team is working in your building you can be relaxed as your property will remain safe and your cleaning will be done on time. Professional cleaning teams divide their tasks among them and work in a sequence that does not interfere with any other member of the team.

Systematic Cleaning

Professional cleaners always come prepared, they make a plan before they even start their work. By making a plan they start their work in a systematic manner. This is done because they follow SOPs. They are aware of the best practices in their work and make sure they do not waste their resources and time. Being efficient in their work allows them to provide a perfect experience to their clients.

Equipped With The Right Cleaning Tools

Professional cleaners will ask about your cleaning needs. They will need to know the details so they can get prepared accordingly. If they have to clean carpets for example they will equip themselves accordingly. If they have to clean the drains of a big building they will need equipment accordingly. Any professional cleaning team will bring the right tools to do the job without wasting time.

Usage Of Sanitization Products

Professional cleaners often have to clean places that are overrun with germs. Gym bathrooms and even drainage areas need to be sanitized so that germs do not infect those places again. Some corporate offices even demand that the cleaners disinfect their office equipment which is pretty detail-oriented work. Still, it remains the duty of the professional cleaners to do so.

Fast And Thorough Cleaning

When you hire professional cleaners they make sure they don’t waste your time or theirs. This means they need to clean fast and thoroughly so they don’t have to do it again. This will also require them to be on their heels and make sure the job is done right the first time.

Cleaning Based Requirements

A professional cleaning team will ask their clients if they have any special cleaning requirements. This may include the use of certain products and perhaps restricting the use of some products as well. There are many commercial building owners that desire to clean their buildings with environmentally friendly cleaning products only.

Cleaning Of Fragile Items

Professional cleaners are expected to clean all the items that are in place. This may include the cleaning of fragile items made of glass or other sensitive materials. The cleaning of such items requires extraordinary care. Sometimes cleaning of fragile items becomes hectic as they need more time and resources for cleaning.

Keeping A Cleaning Record

Almost all professional cleaners maintain a record of their clients. This allows them to maintain a professional history with their clients and understand their cleaning requirements. Since they have such information they use it to further provide ease to their clients by offering them better service packages.

Maintaining Online Presence

Professional commercial cleaning services who maintain their digital presence are more successful than their contemporary rivals. This is because their clients have more trust in them and can easily access their previous work via feedback forms and reviews. Apart from that, they can read the testimonials of the experience of their previous customers to get an idea if the company actually provides good cleaning services or not.

Barmel Building Maintenance is a professional commercial cleaning service provider in Edmonton. You can learn more about the services we provide by visiting our website or feel free to give us a call so we can guide you in the right direction regarding your cleaning needs.

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Commercial Carpet Cleaner

If you think that having your office in a nice physical location and maintaining its appearance outside is enough to succeed, you might want to think again. People focus more on what goes on inside the workplace. One of the first things your employees, clients and guests notice about your company is how clean your floor, furniture, equipment and carpets are. Clean carpets leave a brilliant first impression on all of your guests.

Indoor mats get dirty easily because of the daily foot traffic. Your staff and other visitors bring in a lot of dust, dirt, and asphalt debris from the parking lot. While being inside, people spill drinks and eatables unintentionally as well. All of these are causes of gradual accumulation of debris within rugs, which is very difficult to remove with a normal vacuum cleaner.

There are a lot of commercial carpet cleaning services in Edmonton and surrounding areas which can solve your carpet cleansing problems efficiently. All you have to do is reach out to them so that you can focus on your core operations while they serve you.

Below we’ll provide the top 10 reasons why you should hire a commercial carpet cleaner:

1. Enhancing Appearance

First of all, getting your indoor mats disinfected will greatly enhance the general appearance of your workplace. Your internal and external customers will feel positive about the work environment resulting in a rapid increase in your company’s productivity and sales. A good general impression on the inside will also enhance your overall appearance on the outside.

2. Increase comfort

After having your carpets cleaned by professional carpet cleaners in Edmonton, you will achieve unmatched levels of comfort. What’s better than knowing that you have finally gotten over that one roadblock which was holding your organization back from progressing. Clean rugs will give you that soft and fresh feel which is normally received from walking on brand new carpet.

3. Prolonging the life of your Carpets

People often spill things on indoor rugs occasionally leading to permanent stains and marks all over them. But, this can be avoided through proper and scheduled cleansing. Regular maintenance of your carpets from industry experts will enable you to utilize them to the fullest by prolonging their lifespan.

4. Removing Spots and Stains

Regular spilling on carpets leads to permanent stains and spots if not treated well in time. The longer you leave your carpets stained, the harder it will be for you to clean them. Not to worry, as specialist carpet cleaning companies in Edmonton have the right tools and products to solve all these issues.

5. Removing Bad Odors and Smell

Carpets get dirty due to trapped pollutants inside them like dirt, dust, and pesticides resulting in bad odors. As time passes, these smells become a nuisance and getting rid of them is not an easy task. The unattended stains lie there for months giving rise to unbearable smells.

No matter how hard you try to remove or eliminate these unpleasant smells, no matter which brand of cleaning products you utilize, you will always come up short due to lack of professional cleaners at your disposal. At Barmel Building Maintenance, we are experts in scrubbing all sorts of carpets because we use the latest washing techniques and offer customized cleaning solutions.

6. Eliminating different Pathogens

Besides giving rise to unwanted smells and bad odors, carpets also act as a medium for producing different kinds of pathogens like bacteria, germs, and mites. They begin to grow at faster rates when these floor coverings become moist or humid. Increase in these deadly pathogens could make your employees sick. Therefore, eliminating these allergens from office carpets should be your top priority.

7. Increasing Employee Productivity

In continuation of the previous point of removing harmful organisms, this leads to achieving greater employee productivity in the workplace. The cleaner the work environment is, the more willing your staff will come to your business place and work for you. That is why hiring a specialist commercial service pays off in the long run for your company.

8. Save Time and Effort

The amount of time one can save by hiring an expert carpet cleaning company in Edmonton is one of the top reasons why people opt for such sanitizing services. It takes a great deal of effort in cleaning your business place, and with companies lacking time these days, it’s more feasible to hire professionals to complete this daunting task.

Cleaning your office space through a certified cleaning service gives you increased peace of mind. Knowing that your workplace tidiness is in good hands, you can put your time and effort in the right place without worrying about your cleanliness problems. There is also no need to dedicate your own set of teams to deal with the purity of different sections of your headquarters.

9. Get The Job Done Right The First Time

Attempting to wash your office compartments by yourself may lead to many deficiencies in terms of cleanliness standards. However, if you hire a commercial carpet cleaner in Edmonton, they will make sure they get the job done right in the first attempt. This is because they possess all the required knowledge and expertise to resolve your disinfection difficulties.

10. Using Proper Tools and Equipment

Professional cleaning personnel are equipped with proper tools and equipment to finish their assignments. They are also well-trained in handling state of the art cleaning instruments for achieving the greatest efficiency possible.

Barmel Building Maintenance is an expert cleaning company in Edmonton which provides superior cleaning services in carpet cleaning, floor waxing, office cleaning, and move-in move-out cleaning. Contact us now if you require any of our expert cleaning services.

Regular Building Maintenance Can Save Money

When people reside in a building whether small, large or even a skyscraper, it is bound to get some wear and tear. The cleanliness and regular upkeep of buildings have become necessary as they can save time, resources and money if managed properly. Developed cities around the world need professional building maintenance services. Cities like Edmonton in Canada need the services of professional maintenance staff like Barmel Building Maintenance. Having professional maintenance service providers who are efficient, equipped and economical is sure to keep your building up to par. Everyone wants to have a clean and fresh environment in their building, and no one wants to leave something unchecked which can lead to a bigger cost or nuisance. This is where professional maintenance service in Edmonton comes in handy. Professional building maintenance companies know how to keep your building in good condition, they also know how to make a proper and continuous maintenance schedule for the whole year. This way they can assure that you save a lot of money by avoiding larger repairs while undergoing maintenance. Barmel Building Maintenance takes pride in looking after your building. Here are some of the areas we cover:

Foundation and Structure

This is the base of any building, so we must monitor the appearance of cracks in walls and ceilings. In addition, care must be taken, especially in older buildings, not to overload the slabs (safes, bookstores, etc).

Preserve the Facade

The facades protect the building and are, together with the roof, most exposed to the weather. We must therefore monitor its state of conservation: materials, finishes, paint needs etc.

Caring for the Roof

The rooftop of any building, as we have already stated, is the part of the building most exposed to weather and it is often difficult to access. We recommend regular checkups and maintenance to the rooftops of all buildings.

Check for the Humidity

Improper humidity levels can cause corrosion which is very dangerous. Checking humidity, condensation and air quality levels is very important. The sooner incorrect levee are identified and fixed the better it will be for the building and its residents.

Caring for the Woodwork

If your building is old, chances are it will probably have some sort of woodwork. We believe special care must be taken with leaks in bathrooms, kitchens and all pipes, since excessive moisture can lead to wood rotting over time.

Metal Elements

Moisture produces oxidation and corrosion, so we will have to pay serious attention to metal elements exposed to the weather or leaks. We believe that timely work done is actually the best practice in building maintenance services.

Drains and Sinks

Having a systematic or periodic maintenance process will prevent jams, dampness and bad odors.

Insulation and Ventilation

Good insulation prevents heating and cooling losses, saving you a good amount of money. In turn, proper ventilation prevents the appearance of moisture based condensation.

Maintenance Log Entries

Building maintenance log entries collect much information about the building, especially the rules of use, conservation and maintenance. Complying with indicated maintenance is a guarantee of good conservation.

Regular Inspections

It’s also important to have regular checkups on elevators and fire extinguishers. Hiring an annual inspection service can save you a lot of money!

Avoid Illegal or Low Quality Works

There are some legal aspects involved when large maintenance work is done in common areas and/or inside homes. We remain very careful not to touch structural elements such as load-bearing walls to open openings, for example.

Always Choose Professionals

Our comprehensive maintenance service in Edmonton provides all-round maintenance services ensuring the best expected maintenance with the best economic costs. Contact us today to learn more about our building maintenance services and costs.