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Reopening Alberta – Why You Need to Hire a Cleaning Company

With Alberta reopening soon, as a business owner, you’re probably really excited to finally have people back into your space and actually get back to “business as usual.” 

But with reopening comes more chances of people sneezing, coughing, and spreading germs and bacteria all over your building. This now means that hiring a professional cleaning company to eliminate the harmful microbes present is absolutely imperative; no excuses. 

“But I can get my own people to do it and get the same job done for less money!”

You’re not wrong; you could do this, but ultimately using your own employees to do the manual wipe down and mop and bucket isn’t going to cut it when meeting the expectations demanded by your customers/employees in the fight against COVID-19.

What if the day comes when a customer starts feeling symptoms and tests positive for COVID-19, and they blame your business? You’ll always be thinking at the back of your mind, “Could I have done more?” All because you didn’t take one simple precaution to mitigate the HUGE risk of spreading pathogens!

The difference between your employees and us is that we’re experienced professionals and leaders when it comes to cleaning knowledge and technology. We treat every situation differently to ensure the best results.

Here are the services we provide your business to get the job done right every time.

Exterior Cleaning

Presenting a clean and well-cared-for exterior of your building can be the difference between drawing in more clients or driving them away. Especially when you consider all the stuff it’s exposed to, like mud, dirt, bacteria, algae, and litter, to name a few, the exterior gets dirty unbelievably fast! This is why we put 60% of our cleaning focus on the face of your building. 

When we work to clean and disinfect surfaces like your doors, handles, and windows, we’re not just spraying and wiping down from one place to the next (which actually spreads more germs!) but instead always thoroughly spray all surfaces down and let the germicide sit for a proper period of time (known as dwell time) so that when it’s time to wipe down, all the bacteria have actually been killed!

Interior Cleaning

Are you aware of the high-traffic areas or high-touch surfaces in the interior of your building? Surfaces like light switches, doorknobs, and handles are places we immediately think of. But unlike other cleaning companies, we also focus on the surfaces that are often overlooked, like walls, floors, carpets, tiles, and furniture!

Surfaces like floors, where people are trekking around in their mud, dirt, and germ-infested shoes all day long, are a main priority when you hire us. We use our auto scrubber to completely sanitize floors of lingering debris and bacteria and then go in with our wax to leave it looking sparkling clean!

As professional cleaners, we only use high-grade germicide tough enough to eliminate the virus but also safe enough for families, as well as ensuring proper dwell time on ALL SURFACES, to double down on germs, and give you the peace of mind that when you open your business, everything is completely clean!

Employee Morale and Safety

Your staff are your businesses’ “frontline workers,” they represent and work for your company each and every day, so it’s important to protect them by ensuring a squeaky clean and sanitary workplace!

Did you know that employees feel more motivated and productive when they work for a company that takes health and safety measures seriously? That’s because it’s a direct reflection of how much you care about not only customers but also the workers who ensure your business is running smoothly!

It also goes without saying that hiring professional cleaners will protect your employee’s safety from dangerous pathogens! Give them the relief to actually enjoy their lunchroom breaks without having to worry that the table, chair, or microwave has gross bacteria on it.

Don’t wait until someone’s knocking on your door, looking at you as the reason why they’re sick – and before you know it, you have nasty legal troubles! If you are searching for high-quality professional cleaners to help flatten the curve, Barmel is your answer. 

We are Edmonton’s trusted solution for companies like Air Liquide and ProLine Power; because our staff are trained to follow health and safety guidelines, properly clean and disinfect your business, and protect your employees and customers; so that you can feel confident through the reopening. 

Available 24/7 for your convenience, you can hire our professional cleaning services in just minutes.

Call us at (780) 220-4675 or email us at for your FREE quote and guaranteed satisfaction!

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