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How To Clean Your Company Office

A clean business office is a necessity to bring about improved workplace productivity and employee efficiency. There is a clear difference between a cluttered mess and a visually appealing and organized office. If you want to keep your office clean, all you need to do is develop and follow a cleaning schedule. If you don’t have in-house cleaning staff to take care of all the cleaning-related matters, hire a building maintenance company to keep things simple and efficient. Let’s take a look at some of the tips for how to clean a company office:

Disinfect the restrooms

Cleaning is not only necessary to maintain a clean office, but also important to ensure employee safety. Restrooms are a high traffic area in your office that need to be thoroughly cleaned every day. To disinfect the restrooms, use eco-friendly disinfecting cleaners to scrub toilet bowls, the tank and the base of toilets. Also, wipe down sinks and counter areas.

Before you disinfect the toilet bowl and other plumbing fixtures, sweep and mop the floors. Bowel deodorizing cakes will help you make the cleaning process more convenient. Don’t forget to keep a stock of bathroom supplies like soap and paper towels all the time.

Clean the lunchroom

Most offices have a dedicated space where food is prepared or served. If you have a lunchroom in your office, make sure to keep it clean and healthy. The refrigerator should be cleaned and organized. Throw out old food after a few days to keep the refrigerator clean and odor-free. If there is any old food rotting in the refrigerator, wipe down the interior with a disinfectant after disposing of the food. The microwave also requires regular cleaning. Neglecting microwave messes turn into difficult-to-clean stains.

Keep public areas presentable

If your office is always surrounded by customers and clients, public areas in your office must be maintained in a presentable condition. Cleanliness is the best thing you can ensure to leave a good first impression on your clients. A simple example of cleanliness is seating free of dust, stains, and crumbs. If you use newspapers, magazines, or other reading material to keep your customers engaged, keep the material tidy and up to date.

Dusting plants, wall hangings, blinds, and furniture is also a key day-to-day cleaning activity that will help you ensure a hygienic workplace. The best part about hiring a professional commercial cleaning company is that they will deep clean your office from cleaning the hard-to-reach areas to cleaning carpets and mopping floors.

Organize loose papers

Paperwork keeps piling up throughout the year making it difficult to keep a workplace clutter-free and organized. It not only looks dirty but also makes it difficult for employees to find important documents quickly. To avoid the mess, start organizing all the loose papers. Cabinets are good storage units to organize things like estimates, work orders, vendor information, invoices, etc. You can use desktop trays or wall-mounted pockets to keep documents on hand for quick reference.

About Barmel Building Maintenance

Barmel Building Maintenance has been providing a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning and building maintenance services which include carpet cleaning, floor waxing, office cleaning, and move-out/move-in cleaning. If your office is located in Edmonton and you need a professional company to take care of your cleaning needs, feel free to contact us!

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