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Imagine this, a family that’s been adhering to social distancing very well and has remained COVID-19 free throughout the pandemic, and whose only real outings are to the grocery store for essentials. Every week they do their grocery shopping for the rest of their household, but ever since their last shopping trip, they started to feel unwell and show symptoms; and ended up testing positive for the novel coronavirus.

Probably not a good situation knowing the only place they’ve been is the grocery store.

With grocery stores being an essential service, mitigating the risk of spreading harmful pathogens in your store is imperative.

Now with a third wave looming here in Edmonton, it has become more important than ever to meet rigorous cleaning and sanitizing standards in order to protect staff, customers and ultimately keep your brand from potential foreclosure.

As you know, COVID-19 bacteria can survive on surfaces for days, and making sure the virus is completely killed requires high-grade germicide, not just water, soap, and a cloth.

This is why it’s important when hiring a cleaning company that you employ a thorough screening process to understand how exactly they will achieve your sanitizing needs, so you can trust that they’ll do the job right!

We’ve been relied upon across the region for our premier commercial cleaning services, where we only use the latest technology when it comes to keeping your store clean.

Here’s what you can expect when you hire us to clean your grocery store.

The Victory Backpack

When dealing with areas as large as grocery stores, It can be difficult to cover all the necessary areas correctly in the desired time frame; our team uses professional technology that allows us to achieve just that!

The cordless electrostatic “Victory Backpack” covers a greater area in a shorter period of time, up to 23,000 square feet to be exact! It evenly coats and maneuvers around surfaces such as tills, freezers & fridges, doors/door handles, and customer/staff seating areas with an industry-grade chemical agent to destroy harmful pathogens. Best of all, it stops any cross-contamination with a touch-less application, so you don’t have to worry about bacteria being wiped from one area to the next!

Floor Cleaning

The scary reality is that customers and staff are constantly coughing and sneezing in grocery stores all day. Even though droplets remain airborne for a while, they eventually fall on the floor and stay there until others step on them and are spread through the store just from them walking around. From there, those germs can be brought into their cars, homes, or other buildings; it’s better to avoid this early on! 

Floors are one of the first things customer see when they walk into your store, and you need an effective floor care program to protect them from spreading the dirt and bacteria they both can and cannot see:

Floor Scrubbing

Your store aisles receive a lot of traffic that are susceptible to pathogens, dirt, wear, and damage, and a mop and bucket won’t cut it. We use professional auto scrubbers intended for commercial cleaning that deep clean the floor’s surface from dirt and grime. They also eliminate cross-contamination by using separate tanks (one for dirty water, the other for the cleaning solution) – leaving floors clean and sparkling!


Once all the proper disinfecting has been done with our auto scrubber, it’s time to go in with a nice new wax job! Our liquid wax works on a variety of surfaces, from hardwood to linoleum, and keeps floors looking clean, shiny and protected through the customer’s shopping day. If your store looks and feels clean, you can trust that customers will notice and feel safer!

Shelves, Dusting And Disinfecting

There is constant air flow running through grocery stores throughout the day, with doors opening/closing, running fans, and fridge ventilation that cause germs and bacteria to be spread faster. These germs land on different surfaces like door handles and shelves that other families are repeatedly touching. Gross right?

That’s why we emphasize targeting and sanitizing all the surfaces your customers come in contact with most when they shop!

A primary surface we focus on is shelves. This is because people are constantly touching products on one shelf and then move onto the next shelf, touching products there, spreading bacteria everywhere! We sanitize and dust each and every shelf in order to curb the cross-contamination happening in your store. Here’s a list of some of the other various surfaces we target.

The manual “wipe down” technique won’t cut it anymore for your grocery store. We’ve even seen, in some cases, lawsuits come about because the store owner didn’t conduct proper cleaning practices. You don’t want to be the next story like that.

The reason why so many grocery stores rely on us for their cleaning needs is for one simple fact; we “Do it right…Always.”

Don’t wait, and give us a call at 780-220-4675 to provide your business with a FREE quote and guaranteed satisfaction, or email us at

See why we are trusted as Edmonton’s premier commercial cleaning and building maintenance company.

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