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Floor Waxing

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Commercial Floor Waxing Services

Protect your floors from damage and give them a renewed shine that lasts with our floor waxing services.

No matter what kind of flooring your building has, waxing is a great solution to increase their lifespan and maintain that sought after polished look.

Benefits of Floor Waxing:

  • Protects your flooring material from scratches, marks, and stains.
  • Reflects lighting and brightens up any room.
  • Can hide grooves and faults in your floor, especially hardwood materials.
  • Gives your space a professional look and makes it look like your floor is always clean.
  • Helps to maintain grip even when floors are wet.

We Use Liquid Wax.

An easy-to-apply finish that is used on a variety of flooring materials as well as linoleum and cork surfaces.

Floor Waxing Works Well With


Composite Tile



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