Happy New Year! Twenty-twenty-one is full of opportunity to get to the next level in business, and this year our goal is to become a household name when it comes to cleaning/maintenance for big box grocery and retail stores.

Here are five reasons why Barmel is your go-to solution when it comes to grocery and retail store cleaning!



We Ensure a Pristine Aura

When it comes to grocery/retail shopping, it’s all about the customer experience. Imagine this for a second, you go to a store for the first time, and the floors are dirty, the lighting is dull, and there’s a terrible smell. Would you shop there? Probably not.

Your store is always giving off an impression, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure cleanliness and exceptional sanitization.


We Increase Your Floor’s Lifespan
It might seem a bit weird, but believe it or not, the first thing a person notices when they walk into a grocery or retail store is the floor. Especially during winter, there’s snow, slush, and salt that gets tracked in from heavy foot traffic, which can damage your flooring if not maintained regularly.

We offer the best floor waxing and cleaning service in the region to not only keep your floor free from harm, which can cost thousands to fix/replace, but also give your floor a shine that will make an impression as soon as customers walk in.


Sparking Windows 24/7
Clean windows are everything when it comes to the overall impression of your business. We provide extensive window cleaning that gives interior and exterior windows a streak-free shine on all display cases and any glass surfaces you may have in the store.

Grocery stores, especially in your deli, meat, and services area, rely on clean glass; otherwise, it gives the impression that your food or products are low quality.


We Eliminate the Spread of Germs!

Imagine if you had a customer come into your store that was sick, touched everything, and then got other people sick because you didn’t hire a cleaning company! It may seem like something that is a “cost,” but it’s actually one of the best investments that you can make as a business because if you’re known for getting people sick, it will cost you a lot more in the long run.

As a big box grocer or retailer, you welcome some of the most traffic out of anyone, which means more high traffic touch points and more risk of spreading unwanted germs/bacteria.

We properly sanitize those touch points so that you don’t have to worry about any issues down the line.


We Get the Job Done Right the First Time!

The reason why so many brands rely on us is for the simple fact that we get it done right the first time. Far too often, we see companies talk the talk and not walk the walk. As a leader in the cleaning industry, we’ve bolstered our reputation with our attention to detail, expertise, and solution-focused mentality to make no job too complex or big for us.


From all of us at Barmel, we hope you have a prosperous 2021 and can’t wait to share with you all of the big things coming.

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